Born and raised in the LA, I have always been involved in the arts. My love of music (especially drums) from an early age led to years of school bands, marching bands, and club bands. I enjoyed the collaborative jam and working with people to create something beyond just my skills. In college, I majored in music only to discover the love of theatre, by way of marine biology. Theatre fostered my creative need to take things from imagination to reality. In working with so many talented people, in all aspects, from scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, acting and stage management, I gained a true understanding of what it takes to make a vision a palpable experience for the audience. Believing that film was a more accessible medium to distribute art to the masses, I worked on a variety of student, short and experimental films in multiple roles, between undergrad and grad school. I went on to earn my masters degree in screenwriting, giving me a true understanding of story from the inside out.

For fun, I have always tried to do things for the joy of the experience. Having said that, I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, skydiving, rappelling, roller blading, mountain biking, archery, sudoku, target shooting, boating, and board games, to name a few. I’m always up for something new.

I feel all of this experience and schooling makes me good at my job as a script supervisor. I’m very meticulous and aware, yet I am positive and easy going on set. My philosophy is "yes, if" instead of "no, because,” which means I strive to provide options and solutions to possible problems that will give the director and other crew members the freedom to create, rather than constrict. My job is to inform you of choices and assist you in creating the film you envision.
I have experience with single and multi-camera shoots, and have worked with a variety of camera types, including RED, ALEXA, Canon 7D, and 35mm, among others.  I have advanced training and utilize set diagrams to assist with complicated blocking.  I also have experience in VFX and commercials, and I do detailed breakdowns and timings.

I am looking to work with a collaborative team to help bring the director's vision to fruition.

I would like to discuss the particulars of your project with you, so please contact me at your earliest convenience.