I'm tech savvy, self contained, and fully digital using a ScriptE rig, which allows me to give you clean, typed, detailed notes and reports, including facing and lined pages, and send them electronically.  All files can be emailed or transferred via a USB flash drive.  In addition, depending on the type of camera set up you are using, I can also capture video stills to include in the facing pages and coverage reports.  This is a great tool for matching eyelines and special shots exactly.
MacBook Pro 15”
ScriptE Software
BlackMagic Ultra Studio Mini
Canopus ADVC-55
InStand computer stand on wheels for easy mobility
HD to SD down-converter
Stop watch (weather proof with split timers)
BNC cables in multiple lengths
Eight slot power strip with surge protector
Digital Camera for additional continuity photos
Director’s chair
Various connectors
Switcher for multi-cam shoots
Battery pack to provide all the power I need on powerless locations